Webflow + PROCESIO + Airtable integration


By Sorin Pavel

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To automate repetitive departmental tasks in your organization, Procesio can be the glue that holds everything together bringing together functionalities from different platforms to automate your workload and saving your team time.

In this example we will go through the implementation of a tool that could complement your hiring process with the aid of Webflow and Airtable. We will assume that you already have Airtable and Webflow accounts.

We will use Webflow for the creation of a form on your website that will send data regarding the results of the interviewing process and the interviewee contacts into a table in Airtable.


  1. We will create the table meant to receive the data
  2. Generate the Api key from your Airtable account


  1. From the Credential manager create the connection intended to be used for Airtable
  2. Create the process that will use the Airtable
  3. In this process we will use the following variables
    • Mandatory input variables:
      • Name
      • Email
      • Phone
      • Notes
    • Optional output variables:
      • status
      • body
  4. For this process we will use the connection we just created with the Post verb and the Create Applicants records API provided by Airtable and add the necessary Query Params and body data. You will use the variables in the body section to send the data dynamically
                  "records": [
                        "fields": {
                        "Name": "<%Name%>",
                        "Age": "<%Age%>",
                        "Email": "<%Email%>",
                        "Phone": "<%Phone%>",
                        "Notes": "<%Notes%>"
                    } }
                          ], "typecast": true
  5. Save and Validate the project.
  6. Save the ID of your project for use in the code you will add to Webflow; you can find it in the Process designer under its name or in the last part of the URL while inside the project


  1. Create your new application/ website from the Webflow dashboard
  2. Add a form on one of the pages
  3. From the left side of your Dashboard select Pages, and click the widget of the page containing your form to Edit page settings
  4. In the Before body tag section you have the option to enter your code to manage the process you just created in Procesio
  • Here you will store the data entered in the form in variables that will be forwarded to Procesio
  • Authenticate to Procesio
  • Use the API calls provided here, in this case we will use the /launch endpoint.

    The snippet of code used in Webflow can be found here.

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