Delay action


By Alina Panaite

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Delay action suspends the execution of the process before continuing with the execution of the next action. 

This action proves itself useful in processes that require timing.  


This action can have 2 approaches of duration:

  • Wait for - if selected, it instructs the system to wait for a specific amount of time.

    • e.g. suspends (pauses) process for 30 minutes

  • Wait until - if selected, instructs the system to wait until the specified date/time.

    • e.g. suspends (pauses) process until 3 December 2021 at 3:00 p.m.

How to configure the Delay action?

Go to the Process Designers section and open a new or an existing process. Actions configuration can be performed once they are dragged and dropped on canvas.

Step 1: Drag the Delay action from Toolbar and drop it on canvas; click on the action to open the Properties Panel.

Step 2: You can edit the Action Name.

Step 3: Click on Configure Action (not configured) card to go to the configurations steps.

Step 4: Select how the delay action works:

Step 4a:  for "Wait for a specific period of time", you must define the interval: 

Step 4b: for "Wait until", you must define the date and time until the process will be suspended:

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