Backend decorator


By Sorin Pavel

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The backend decorator tells the platform what you want to do with the values stored inside the variables used by your custom action.

[BEDecorator(IOProperty = Direction.Output)]

The IOProperty property allows you to choose one of four possible directions, that will give you more control on over your custom action: 

        NONE = 0,
        Input = 1,
        InputOutput = 2,
        Output = 3,

The most useful are Input and Output. While using Input the custom action expects to receive the value from the user and with Output it will return a value that could be one or more inputs that were used internally.

The None option is the default if the IOProperty is not mentioned.

The InputOutput option is used when a property needs to be both input and output, because it must first receive a value before it uses it in the backend.

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