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By Sorin Pavel

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After creating a process you will have the ability to use the drag and drop functionality to add on your canvas actions from the Platform actions section.

The DateTime folder contains actions that can be used while working with dates:

  1. Week Number - Returns the week number for the given date. The week number indicates where the week falls numerically within a year.
  2. Today - Displays a string that represent the current date.
  3. Is Weekend - Verify if it's weekend, by giving the date. Returns true or false.
  4. Is Working Day - Verify if it's working day, by giving the date.
  5. Weekday - Displays an integer that represents the day of the week, by giving the date.
  6. UTC Now - Displays the current UTC.
  7. Date Difference - Returns the difference between the second and the first date.

You can create your own custom actions by using this guide. The code used to create the Custom Actions above can be found here.

How to use DateTime actions

To use any of them inside your process you will need to configure it after adding it to the canvas.

  1. Drag the Is Weekend action on the canvas.
  2. Link the actions.
  3. Create a variable of type boolean and add it from Add variable.
  4. Add a date to the Input Date section and the variable you just created as presented in the Is it weekend* section.

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