Concatenate lists

The Concatenate lists action allows you to create a list by merging the data of two other lists.


As a PROCESIO user, I want to have an action that concatenates 2 lists (the lists can be simple or DM). The action outputs a new list containing values from both input lists.

How to

The example requires a process with just the Concatenate lists action with the following configuration.

Step 1. Create a new process and give it a name.

Step 2. Drag the Concatenate lists action to the canvas and link it to the other actions.

Document image
Document image

Step 4. Click the Concatenate lists action to access its configurations and add the variables as follows.

Document image

Step 5. Save and Validate the process.

Step 6. Run the process.

Step 7. Click Check instance to see the results in the output section.


Updated 27 Apr 2022
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