Delay action

Delay action suspends the execution of the process before continuing with the execution of the next action.Β 

This action proves itself useful in processes that require timing. Β 

This action can have 2 approaches of duration:

  • Wait for - if selected, it instructs the system to wait for a specific amount of time.
    • e.g. suspends (pauses) process for 30 minutes
  • Wait until - if selected, instructs the system to wait until the specified date/time.
    • e.g. suspends (pauses) process until 3 December 2021 at 3:00 p.m.

How to configure the Delay action?

Go to the Process Designers section and open a new or an existing process. Actions configuration can be performed once they are dragged and dropped on canvas.

Step 1:Β Drag the Delay action from Toolbar and drop it on canvas; click on the action to open the Properties Panel.

Step 2:Β You can edit the Action Name.

Step 3:Β Click on Configure Action (not configured) card to go to the configurations steps.

Document image

Step 4:Β Select how the delay action works:

Document image

1. Β ForΒ Wait for a specific period of time, you must define the interval:Β 

Document image

2. Β For Wait until,Β you must define the date and time until the process will be suspended:

Document image


Updated 27 Apr 2022
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