Email attachments

Email attachments is a must have when building automations that involve email communications.


  1. Procesio Document Templateο»Ώ
  2. SMTP server

How toο»Ώο»Ώ

1. Create the SMTP credential.

2. Create the document template (you have the ability to use variable in your templates).

Document image

4. Create the process.

Document image

5. Configure the actions:

Create the process variables:

  • ο»Ώ<%vacation%> - output variable of type File.
  • ο»Ώ<%StartDate%> - input DateTime variable.
  • ο»Ώ<%EndDate%> - input DateTime variable.
  • ο»Ώ<%Reason%> - input String variable.
  • ο»Ώ<%Name%> - input String variable.

Click the Generate Document action:

  • Select the document template*
  • type a name for the file you will create
  • choose the File variable that will store the document.
Document image

Click Map Document Data and use the following configuration

Document image

b. List Add

  • create the list variable <%attachment%> of type File.
  • use the following configuration to add the <%vacation%> file variable in to the <%attachment%> variable.
Document image

c. Send Email - add the configuration and map the <%attachment%> variable to the email.

Document image


6. Save, Validate and Run the process. You will be asked to enter the values of the input values. Click Run again.

Document image

7. Click Check instance to view the result.


Updated 27 Apr 2022
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