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Procesio allows you to work with several types of files, the most useful of which being Comma separated files, that use the .csv extension.


The user wishes to use the process to export data in the form a .csv file.

How toο»Ώο»Ώο»Ώο»Ώο»Ώο»Ώ

Step 1. Create a new process and give it a name.

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For the process used in our example we will require the following variables:ο»Ώο»Ώ

  • ο»Ώ<%data%> - the input list<Object> variable that will store the JSon.
  • ο»Ώ<%export%> - the output variable of type File.
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Step 3. Click the Export to CSV action and add the following configuration.

  • Object to export* - will hold the <%data%> variable.
  • Column delimiter - will ask for the type of delimiter used in the newly created file.
  • Export header - the checkbox gives us the option to also export the headers.
  • File name* - will be the name of the exported file, the extension will be added by Procesio.
  • Output file* - will contain the fil variable we created in Step 2.

The File name* should be the same as the Output file* name. Check the screenshot below.

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Step 4. Save, Validate and Run the process. Step 5. You will be prompted to add the data for our input variable. The input will be of type JSon. Click Run.

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Step 6. To verify the process click Check instance.

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Step 7. In the output section we can see the <%export%> variable and by clicking the export button located in the bottom right of the above screenshot we can download the data in csv format.

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Updated 27 Apr 2022
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