List ToString

List ToString will allow you to create a string from a list that can contain different data types and can be created with the aid of a data model.

How to

The example requires a process with just the List ToString action with the following configuration.

Step 1. Create a new process and give it a name.

Step 2. Drag the List ToString action action to the canvas and link it to the other actions.

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Step 3. ο»ΏCreate the data model.

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We can use different data types for our attributes, depending on your requirements.

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  • ο»Ώ<%inputList%> - the input variable of type list, created with the data model book created at the previous step.
  • ο»Ώ<%Result%> - the output string variable that will hold the result of the List Totring action.

The input list variable can be created without the aid of a data model, but it will only use one data type inside the list.

Step 5. Click the List ToString action to access its configurations.

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Step 5. Save and Validate and Run the process.

Step 6. Each time you will run the process you are expected to add the list you wish to process, if you entered a default value you can edit it at this point and click Run.

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Step 7. Click Check instance to see the result in the outputted variable.

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As you can see the single value variable of type String will contain the input data.


Updated 27 Apr 2022
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