Map Process Data action

Use Map Process Data action to assign (map) value to a process variable.

A process variable is a placeholder for data that can be accessed throughout the lifecycle of a process. It is how data is transferred between actions in a process. 

Process variables can receive values:

  1. When defining a process variable, in Default value (see Working with process variables article).
  2. When manually kicking off a process, for process variables marked as input (see Running a process flow article).
  3. When scheduling a process, for process variables marked as input (see Scheduling a process article).
  4. Within the process, using Map Process Data action.

You can use Map Process Data to either give values to your process variable or to change the value of the process variable.

A process variable can be mapped to:

  • a constant value
  • a dynamic value (coming from another process variable)

How to configure the Map process data action?

Go to the Process Designers section and open a new or an existing process. Actions configuration can be performed once they are dragged and dropped on canvas.

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Step 1: Drag the Map Process Data action from Toolbar and drop it on canvas; click on the action to open the Properties Panel.

Step 2: You can edit the Action Name.

Step 3: Click on Map Process Data (not configured) card to go to the configurations steps.

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Step 4: Map process data configuration

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  • you can assign to a process variable a constant value or a dynamic value (coming from another process variable). When the action is executed, data is assigned to your process variable.
  • press +Add variable and the selector will open displaying the available process variables 
  • on the left side, select the process variable you want to assign new value to
  • on the right side, insert new value or a process variable from which it will receive new value.

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You can assign values to multiple process variables at once in Map Process Data action.

Consider that data types must match when assigning values to process variables.  Exception: String is the only data type that accepts all other data types.

Updated 27 Apr 2022
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