Numerical actions

After creating a process you will have the ability to use the drag and drop functionality to add on your canvas actions from the Platform actions section.

The Numerical folder contains actions that can be used while working with numbers:

1. Add operation - Add operation for two objects.

2. Substract operation - Substract operation for two objects.

3. Modulo operation - Modulo operation for two integers.

4. Divide operation - Divide operation for two objects.

5. Round Number - Round a number to the specified number of digits.

6. Round Up Number - Round up a number to the specified number of digits.

7. Round Down Number - Round down a number to the specified number of digits

You can create your own custom actions by using these guides. The code used to create the Custom Actions above can be found here.

How to use Numerical Actions

To use any of them inside your process you will need to configure it after adding it to the canvas.

1. Drag the Add operation action on the canvas.

Document image

2. Link the actions together.

3. Create the variables of type object.

Document image

4. Add them to the action using the Add variable button.

Document image

5. SaveValidate and Run the process.

6. Select Check instances to see the result.

Updated 27 Apr 2022
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