Rename File

The action Rename File, enables you to rename a file from within a specified folder.

FTP connectionο»Ώο»Ώ

For our example we used Rebex.

Step 1:Β  Go to the Credentials Manager section and click Add New.

Step 2:Β  Give your credential a Name* and Description (optional) and click Next step.

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Step 3:Β  Configure the FTP / sFTP connection as needed:

  • Port number* - the port number used by the server.
  • Protocol type - the protocol used depending on the encryption.
  • Directory path - the entry point of the server.
  • Authentication method - here you have the option to use a basic username and password authentication or a user key authentication.
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Step 4:Β  Click Test connection and if successful click Save.

Create the processο»Ώο»Ώ

Step 1:Β  From the Process Designer section select Create new.

Step 2:Β  Give you process a name.

Step 3:Β  Drag the action Rename File on the canvas and link the action inside you process.

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Step 4: Create the <%result%> variable of type Boolean.

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Step 5:Β  Click the Rename File action to access its configurations.

  • Node name* - gives you the option to change the actions name.
  • Choose server type* - here we will select the connection created in the previous section.
  • Folder* - allows you to select the path to the file you wish to rename.
  • File current name* - the name of the file you wish to rename.
  • File new name* - the new name of the file.
  • Result - here we will add the variable created at Step 4.
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Step 6:Β  Save, Validate and Run the process.

Step 7:Β  Click Check Instance.


Updated 27 Apr 2022
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