String similarity

One of the most useful string actions set at your disposal isย Search By String Similarity, it allows you to search inside a list of strings using similarity algorithmsย with a specified precision.

String Similarity Algorithms

  1. Block Distance
  2. Chapman Length Deviation
  3. Chapman Mean Deviation
  4. Cosine Similarity
  5. Jaccard Similarity
  6. Euclidean Distance
  7. Dice Similarity
  8. Jaro
  9. Jaro Winkler
  10. Matching Coefficient
  11. Monge Elkan
  12. Levenstein
  13. Needleman Wunch
  14. Overlap Coefficient
  15. QGrams Distance
  16. Smith Waterman
  17. Smith Waterman Gotoh
  18. Smith Waterman Gotoh Windowed Affine
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When configuring the action you will need to have the following variables prepared:

  • a list variable containing the strings to search in;
  • a variable containing the string you search for;
  • a integer variable for the number of strings to expect;
  • the output list<string> containing the result
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Use the following configurations for the action, with the mention that:

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  • Similarity algorithm - is theย similarity threshold is used on each string of the list. You will use aย intย between 0 and 1, the smaller it is the less similar the result will be.
  • Similarity algorithm - the dropdown allows you to choose the algorithm used.

For a more in depth guide intended for C#/.Net developers follow thisย link.

The code used to create the SearchByStringSimilarity can be found here.


Updated 27 Apr 2022
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