API Keys

You can use an API key to access PROCESIO API to perform a wide range of authenticated operations.  You can run a process, add, update, delete processes & access process related resources directly through the API. View our API documentation here and test via Swagger here.

Generating API key for the PROCESIO account allows you to authenticate to PROCESIO from other apps and services through REST APIs.

You will need an API Key to access PROCESIO API.  Your API keys are associated with your credentials and are specific to you.

Make sure you store your API Keys somewhere safe. If you lose an API Key, you'll need to create a new key and update any scripts or applications where the key is used. Your old API key becomes invalid.

Generating a PROCESIO API Key

Step 1: Go to the API Key page.

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Step 2: Press Create API Key.

Step 3: A new line will be displayed in the table containing:

  • auto-generated key name
  • auto-generated key value

Step 4:  Copy and save your keys set somewhere safe. You cannot recover this key if you lose it.

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  • for security reasons, after navigating off the page, the key value will be encrypted. 
  • you must copy and store the key value in a safe place for security reasons, just like for any other password.
  • you can only create a maximum of 3 keys at a time.

Once you generate keys, you can delete them from the API Key page:

  • using the inline delete icon 
  • all at once, using the Revoke all API Keys button

The API Key provides access to PROCESIO resources based on the permissions you have.

Updated 02 Jun 2022
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