Running a process with API Keys


To run the process using a API Key we will require:

  • Generate a API Key in PROCESIO.
  • PROCESIO API endpoints can be foundย here. Additionally we also provide Swagger for our Web API endpoints which can be testedย here.
  • ๏ปฟPostman for sending the request.

Running a process from PROCESIO using API keys

Step 1. After generating the PROCESIO API key, you need to copy and save the key name & key value. Key value will be hashedย after navigating off the page.

Step 2. From the PROCESIO API documentation, we will be looking for the POST method for running a process.

Document image

As observed in Swagger, the endpoint /api/Projects/{id}/run requires three parameters:

  • Process ID (the process ID, needs to be mentioned in the URL)
  • Workspace (needs to be mentioned in Headers)
  • Request body (JSON, you are required to use the one provided below)

Step 3. From within your PROCESIO Workspace, in the process listing tab, obtain the process ID for the process that you intend to run (hit the copy to clipboard button).

Additionally we will need the name of the Workspace under which the process was created. In the example below the name of the Workspace is: "Demo".

Document image

Running a process from Postman using API keys

  • Selectย Postย Method mention the base URL and the endpoint
    • Base URL: https://webApi.procesio.app
    • Endpoint: /api/Projects/e6bb2d64-2f96-4e43-a84b-b25a08c0764d/run (includes the Process ID)
  • In Postman from Headers
    • include key & key name
    • value & key value
    • workspace & workspace name (example above "Demo")
Document image
  • In Postman from Body, raw
    • include:ย { ย "connectionId":ย "string"}
    • Select JSON
Document image

5) From Postman hit the Send button in order to trigger the process for which you configured the request.