Sendgrid has been leading the way when in comes to email marketing in the last decade being one of the most complete SMTP services on the market offering a wide range of integration options that together with a matured API library make it very customizable.

We are assuming that you already signup on Procesio and Sendgrid. If not then first create the accounts and activate them.

Create the credential

1. Navigate to the Credentials Manager section.

2. Select the Add New button from the upper right corner.

3. Give a Name to the newly created connection, select Rest API Configuration from the Credential Type dropdown and optionally add the Description.

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4. Select the Next step button.

5. Enter the Sendgrid connection data as shown in the screenshot with the mention that in the password and API key are found in your Sendgrid account.

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6. When you click the Test connection button Procesio will test the connection and give the Successfully tested! message.

7. Save the connection.

Process configuration

1. Create a process using your newly created connection.

2. After creating the flow using the drag and drop functionality you can give the Send Email Action a name, description and from the Select SMTP Server dropdown select the connection created at step 7 o the previous section.

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3. In the Send Email screen enter the From(display name), To, Cc, Bcc, Subject and Body information and click Save.

4. If the Body will use HTML tags you will need to check Body is HTML.

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  5. From the upper right corner you can Save, Validate and Run the Process.


Updated 16 Dec 2021
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