Resource Tracking

Resources tracking will give you information about your resources and consumption from high-level to detailed views. The number of actions you have available depends on the subscription purchased.

Details related to actions consumption are available:

  1. On the Dashboard page, a high-level summary of monthly consumption.
  2. Navigate to the Analytics section, for more detailed information.

1. Dashboard

On the Dashboard page, in Current Plan, you will see the details regarding the consumption based on the subscription plan:

  • Consumed actions
  • Action packs
  • Processes
  • Users

You can select a specific month to see details for. The Current Plan card will refresh with data corresponding to that specific month consumption.

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What counts as an action run?

The main metric that is counted at the plan level is the action. 

An action is a key element on the drag & drop canvas that allows performing integration and automation functions when executing processes.  Every time an action runs, it is counted as 1 action run.

Start, Stop and Join actions are not counted.

For example, the below process at completed status will consume 4 actions: 

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In the Current Plan you will find details about: 

  • consumed actions - a total of actions runs at the workspace level for the selected month period
  • action packs - total action packs acquired for the selected month period
  • processes - a total of processes that have been run for the selected month period
  • users - a total of users that have been running processes for the selected month period

For both Processes and Users detailed information is available when drilling down on values: 

  • Process Analytics
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  • User Analytics
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2. Analytics

In Analytics, you can see detailed information about consumption:

  • at the process level (Process Analytics)
  • at instance level

Process Analytics page will display all the processes that have been run during the selected month. Also, details about consumption are available:

  • Actions consumed - total actions consumed by a specific process for the selected month period.
  • Total process runs - a total of process runs for the selected month period.
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For more details related to actions consumed, you can:

  • Click on the Actions Consumed to see consumption by action type:
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  • Click on the View Instances to see consumption details at the instance level:
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Updated 25 Jan 2022
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