What is a workspace?

Every account offers a workspace where users store their processes and credentials. Company accounts have the ability to share their workspace with other users in their organization.

While the individual plans as well as the company business plan only grants access to a single workspace, the company development plan gives access to multi workspace functionality. This means that accounts having a company development plan can invite users to join their workspace and share their resources within a specific workspace. By having multiple workspaces, companies can provision resources per workspace according to needs. 

The owner of the development account has full administrative rights, including user management and can add and remove users to the workspace according to their projects needs.

In order to add new workspaces to a development account you will need to reach out to the support team through the chat.

User Management page

 All users added to a workspace will have access to the "User Management" page and will be able to see other members  and their role and status in the workspace. All users part of the workspace will have access to “User Management” page. This page will provide information on users name, role and status. 

There are two types of workspace members: Admin and Member. Only Admins can add/remove members.

    One company workspace can have more that one admin.

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Adding a user to a workspace

As a workspace admin, you can invite people to your workspace from "Settings" > "User Management".  Enter the person's email address and Click the Send invite button.

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The user is added as a member with the "Pending invitation" status. Once the user accepts the invitation to join the workspace, the status changes to "Active".

Cancel invitations

As a workspace admin, you can cancel an invitation while it is still pending by clicking the Delete icon.

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The person whose invitation you cancel will still have their invitation email, but the link will not lead them to your Workspace. Instead, they will see the "You have not been added to the workspace because your invitation has been revoked" message.

Remove members

To remove users from your workspace, click on the Delete icon next to the member's name.

Switching between workspaces

If you have access to several workspaces, you will have the option to see what workspaces you have access to by clicking the dropdown in the upper left corner. You can navigate from one workspace to another by clicking them.

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By default, when you log into PROCESIO, you will be logged in your individual account. To switch to another workspace, simply select a different account in the list, no need to log out.

Updated 27 Apr 2022
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