Save action as a template

If you need to repeatedly use the same actions with the same configurations, you can save them as templates in your Toolbar.

How to save an action as a template

Step 1.Β Go to the Process Designer and open a new or existing process.

Step 2.Β Drag an action on the canvas and configure it.

Step 3.Β Right-click on the action and select "Save action as a template".

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If the action is not properly configured, it cannot be saved as a template and a warning message will be displayed.Β HINT:Β You can press "Validate'' on top bar and the errors will be populated in the Errors Panel.

Step 4.Β A side-panel will open where the following must be configured:

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  • Save action as:Β give a name to your template (note: the template saved will be visible under this name in Toolbar)
  • Add to Folder:Β select the folder in the Toolbar where you want to addd this action template.

By default, an action template will be added under its main action type (e.g. a template saved based on a Call API action will be found in the Toolbar under the Call API action). You can create sub-folders under the main action, if you want to better organize your action templates.

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  • Save credentials in template:Β this option is only visible for actions that include credentials as part of their configuration (e.g. Call API, Send Email). Check this box if you want the credentials to be saved along with the action configuration in template. When using the action template in a process, you will no longer need to select the credential for the action, as it will be already selected.Β 

Step 5.Β Press Save configuration to save your action template. It will be reflected in the Toolbar under the selected/created folder.

An action template created will be visible in Toolbar to all users within the same workspace.

Using an action template

Once an action templated is added to Toolbar, you can use start using it in building processes.Β 

Drag and drop the action template on canvas and connect it to other actions.

The action template may need some last configuration steps to be taken:

  • if it is created based on an action type that requires a credential, and the credential was not saved to the template, you may need to add a credential now so that the action to work properly.
  • if template configuration included process variables, the process variables are replaced by a visual cue (red placeholder) to easily recognize where values are needed;
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An action configuration that contains the red placeholders is not considered valid. When validating the process, all red placeholders will generate errors in Errors Panel if they were not replaced with values.

You can save a template based on another action template, and it will be saved as a new template under its root action type/folder.

Deleting a template from Toolbar

You can delete the action template in Toolbar. They will have a contextual menu available:

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